Reading The Fights - 1988 Boxing Book - Edited by Joyce Carol Oates & Daniel Halpern

Reading The Fights - 1988 Boxing Book - Edited by Joyce Carol Oates & Daniel Halpern
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Reading The Fights

Edited by - Joyce Carol Oates & Daniel Halpern

A collection of Boxing stories by prominent writers and reporters. Includes:

"Reading The Fights" by Ronald Levao
"Three Notes Toward a Cultural Definition of Prizefighting" and "I Only Like It Better When the Pain Comes" by Gerald Early
"Violence, Violence" by Ted Hoagland
"The Manassa Mauler and the Fighting Marine" by Elliot J. Gorn
"Ahab and Nemesis" by A.J. Liebling
"The Loser" by Gay Talese
"King of the Hill" by Norman Mailer
"Three with Moore" by George Plimpton
"Superman at Bay" and "Onward Virgin Soldier" by Hugh McIlvanney
"Roberto Duran and the Wise Old Men" by Leonard Gardner
"On Roberto Duran" and "Nowhere To Run" by John Schulian
"Never Say Never" by Bill Barich
"Up the Stairs with Cus D'Amato" by Pete Hamill
"Opponents" by Michael Shapiro
"Pinstripes" by Jackson Cope
"My One-Eyed Coach" by George Garrett
"The Poetics of Boxing" by Michael Stephens
"Kissing the Wild Horse's Mane" by Jeanne Wilmot Carter
"Distance & Embrace" by Daniel Halpern
"On Boxing" by Joyce Carol Oates

Date published - 1988

Publisher - Henry Holt & Company

Hardcover. With Dust-jacket.

About 305 Pages.

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Condition - Book is in about EX condition. Dust-jacket is in about EX condition with a small corner clip on inside flap.

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