Boxing Book - In The Ring with James J. Jeffries by Adam J. Pollack

Boxing Book - In The Ring with James J. Jeffries by Adam J. Pollack
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In the Ring With James J. Jeffries

In the Ring With James J. Jeffries is Adam Pollack's 4th book in his Heavyweight Champion series. It describes in meticulous detail James Jeffries' bouts from the 1890s up to 1905 (including round by round accounts as well as pre- and post-fight analysis), his opponents, and his training regimen. It discusses the time's heavyweight scene, including contenders, pre-fight hype and negotiations, political and legal obstacles, and the color line.

Chapters also include descriptions and analysis of Corbett-Sharkey II, Fitzsimmons-Ruhlin, Fitz-Sharkey II, and Corbett-McCoy, as well as controversies surrounding several bouts. The book is based on next-day local newspaper accounts, comparing and contrasting their descriptions and analysis in order to provide an authentic view of how heavyweight boxing was perceived at the time. The use of local primary sources gives readers a rare opportunity to relive Jeffries' career as if they were reading about it at the time he was fighting.

The book also includes Jeffries' career record, over 100 photos, over 900 footnotes, and an index.

688 pages

Adam J. Pollack is the author of "John L. Sullivan: The Career of the First Gloved Heavyweight Champion", "In the Ring With James J. Corbett" and "In The Ring With Bob Fitzsimmons".

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Table of Contents

Preface: The Undeniable Talent 5

1. Foundation of Strength: Establishing a Local Reputation 6

2. Hank Griffin and the Professional Hiatus 12

3. It Wasn’t Long 21

4. Sparring with the Champion 27

5. Driving the Van Downtown 49

6. How the Baker Got His Goose Cooked 55

7. The Closer 60

8. The Master Veteran 70

9. No Show 90

10. The Legend 99

11. Mexican Pete 111

12. The Shark 120

13. The Cost of High Expectations 142

14. A Strange Ending 160

15. Road to the Crown 185

16. The Championship 215

17. Exhibition Tour 250

18. A Snag in Preparation 262

19. Reaching Deep Into the Inferno 281

20. The Impact of Film 324

21. A Thriving Sport Under Attack 335

22. The Road to Corbett 344

23. Trial of Will 363

24. The Bevy of Battles as the Horton Era Ends – 399

Ruhlin, Sharkey, and Fitzsimmons

25. Hell Hath No Fury… 433

26. Boxing’s Old Nemesis 450

27. Getting Sharp Again – Griffin and Kennedy 462

28. The Road to Ruhlin 475

29. Ruling Ruhlin 486

30. On the Horizon 501

31. Championship Training 513

32. The War, the Bandages, and the Speaking Knockdown 524

33. Media Creation or Legitimate Performance? 557

34. Building the Intrigue 578

35. Leaving No Doubt 597

36. Justifying Challenges 619

37. Setting the Record Straight 634

38. Leaving the Game 655

Appendix: James J. Jeffries’ Record 667

Acknowledgments 680

Index 681

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