Tom Hyer vs. Yankee Sullivan Vintage 19th Century Color Framed Large Format Supplement

Tom Hyer vs. Yankee Sullivan Vintage 19th Century Color Framed Large Format Supplement
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February 7, 1849

Fifteenth Round - Sullivan was rather slow in getting up at the call of time, and had barely reached the score when he was met by Hyer, who, with tremendous force, let fly both hands in rapid succession, both taking effect on Sullivan's face. He then rushed in, seized Sullivan, forced him to the ropes, and after a struggle threw him heavily and fell on him, when he again injured him so much that, by the time Hyer was taken away, Sullivan was nearly suffocated; and, on being lifted to his feet, was so weak that he fell back against the ropes. His brother and another person then took him from the ring, claiming foul, and this, put an end to the fight. The referee, however, decided that Hyer had won the fight.

The fight lasted about sixteen minutes, and was one of the fiercest and most desperate encounters ever witnessed. As soon as Sullivan left the ring, Hyer walked over to one of Sullivan's seconds and struck him a blow on the head; but a revolver being presented to his head, he desisted from further aggression. The parties, as soon as possible, returned to their respective vessels, got on board, and made for the safest place to avoid arrest, all hands being apprehensive of the event.

- New York Herald

Supplement To the New York Illustrated Times for February 9, 1884

Other principle participants and spectators at the fight are identified including:
Johnny Ling
Joe Murphy
John Way
John Colton
Van Nostrand
Mike Walsh
William Hoyt
Awful Gardner
George Kensett
Si Shay
G.B. Over
Tom Burns
Joe Winroe

Very nicely framed in a vintage frame behind glass.

SIZE - About 26 1/2" x 22 1/2" inches including frame. Supplement around 24" x 19".

CONDITION - About VG condition. Very presentable with some light fold marks.

PRICE - Sold


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