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WEEKLY AUCTION OF BOXING & OTHER SPORTS MEMORABILIA - Boxing Memorabilia available for Auction on Ebay This Week

Upcoming auctions ending feature vintage Boxing Photographs, Programs, Publications, Autographs and more from the 1920's to the 1990's time period.

Featured auctions start ending Sunday June 26th and Monday June 27th, 2016

Some of the featured memorabilia includes:

Auctions Ending on Sunday June 26th, 2016

Set of (2) EARLIER 20TH CENTURY JUMP-ROPES Boxing Training Equipment MEMORABILIA

c. 1900s Boxing Ad Insert Program PHILADELPHIA, PA Young Erne, Sam Langford +++

1961 Lot (5) Boxing Programs KEARNEY BOWL Fresno TOMBSTONE SMITH, BENNY MEDINA +

1942-62 Lot (4) Boxing Programs MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NEW YORK Stolz vs Ruffin+

Boxing HAROLD JOHNSON (1927-2015) IZZY SCHWARTZ (1900-1988) Signed Photograph

Boxing MUSTAFA HAMSHO Signed Photo and Challenge Letter to MARVIN HAGLER

c. 1927 JACKIE BRITTON Vintage Oversized Studio Photo DICK O'LEARY Pennsylvania

Auctions Ending on Monday June 27th, 2016

1937-1982 Lot (6) BOXING PROGRAMS Red Cochrane, Petey Scalzo, Georgie Benton ++

1947-75 Lot (7) Vintage BOXING PRESS & WIRE PHOTO COLLECTION Higher Quality!

c. 1930s-50s Lot (6) Vintage BOXING & WRESTLING Photographs LARKIN, SHARKEY ++++

c. 1940s-80s Lot (14) Vintage Boxing Photos CHUVALO, MADDEN, CELESTINE, PINKUS++

c. 1930s-80s Lot (21) Vintage Boxing Photos FRAZIER, GALENTO, DEMPSEY, KLAVEREN+

c. 1940s-90s Lot (25) Vintage Boxing Photos FLYNN, COBB, TANNER, HOLMES, LOUIS++

c. 1940s-80s Lot (17) Vintage Boxing Photos HERMAN, DELGADO, LOPES, PATTERSON ++

And much more coming in the following weeks.

Sunday Auctions start closing around 9:00PM EST. All other days start closing around 10PM EST.

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This website and on-line catalog is dedicated to the sport of Boxing and the Memorabilia and Collectibles that go along with it. I hope to offer a wide range of vintage boxing collectibles concentrating mostly on pre-1970 vintage material.

I have an interest in many of the Black and African American fighters of the 19th and early 20th century and also with the Victorian era of Bare-Knuckle Boxing in England and America so I will be offering lots of Interesting Items in these categories.

Some of my favorite characters in boxing are Jack Johnson, Sam Langford, Joe Gans, Barbados Joe Walcott, Thomas Molineaux, Yankee Sullivan, Peter Jackson, Frank Slavin, Stanley Ketchel, Harry Greb, Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Jake Lamotta, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Graziano, Larry Holmes, Matthew Saad Muhammad, Marlon Starling and many others too numerous to mention. Boxing as many of you know has had more interesting characters involved in it then all the other sports combined, due to the ego involved and the supreme sacrifice the participants must make to become the best at what they do. I hope to showcase some of these athletes on my website and at the same time help you to start or expand your collection of quality Boxing Memorabilia.

Boxing Collectibles are truly for the collector who would like own many truly unique and rare items without breaking their bank account. Compared to the World of Baseball and some other sports the speculators have not overrun the market of Boxing Collectibles yet. As an example, you can find vintage Jack Johnson and John L. Sullivan cards from the tobacco era for fractions of the price you would pay for a Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb card from the same era.

I hope you will bookmark my website as I will be in constant construction of it, updating the site as often as possible, so bookmark my page if you are in any way interested in Boxing Memorabilia. Please feel free to contact me for any reason whatsoever. I am an active buyer as well as a seller and would be happy to comment on any item you might have an interest in Selling, or even if your not interested in selling I will pass on any knowledge I have of a particular item.

Thanks for your time and interest and happy surfing.

- Dave Bergin