The Gods of War; Boxing Essays by Springs Toledo - Book Project

The Gods of War; Boxing Essays by Springs Toledo - Book Project

Subject: The Gods of War - Boxing Essays

Author Springs Toledo

Springs Toledo will be publishing a book entitled - "The Gods of War: Boxing Essays" and is looking for high-quality photographs of the following:

(the rarer the better)

Barney Ross
Dempsey-Willard (preferably one where an American flag can be seen in the background)
Liston, close-up
empty boxing ring in an empty arena
Pep-Saddler, action
Stillman's Gym
Benny Leonard
Leonard-Tendler, action
Mickey Walker, posed
Walker-Sharkey, action
Roberto Duran, looking ferocious
Duran-Leonard I
Duran, Arcel and Brown
Ezzard Charles, smiling with teeth, 1940s
Henry Armstrong-Angott, action
Henry Armstrong-Sarron, Ross, Ambers I, action
Sugar Ray Robinson with white terry cloth robe on
Harry Greb, with wife Mildred
Mechanics Hall, Huntington Avenue, Boston, 1920s.
Johnny Wilson, circa 1970

Also, if anyone happens to have an aerial view of Masada in Israel, that would be great.

Full credit will be given to anyone who provides even a single usable, high-quality photograph.

E-mail Address for Springs Toledo:

Published in April of 2014
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The Gods of War by Springs Toledo

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