Sold Clippings #2

Boxing Clipping #2592 - Johnny Coulon, Jack Dempsey, Mique Malloy, Jack Johnson, Max Marek, Jim Donovan, Danny Goodman, George Gardner, Tommy Thomas, Battling Nelson, Paul Berlenbach, Paddy Nee, Joe Burman, Johnny Coulon, Eddie Shea, Frank Mastro, Barney Ross, Leo Rodak, Riley BenderBoxing News Clipping #2465 - Steve Kish, Paul Hubbard, Arlo Roye, Herb Sill, Vinnie Rossano, Rocco Rossano, Henry Vera, Billy Murray, George Stangelo, Eddie Flores, Frank Donegan, Woody Campbell, Dave Zinkoff, Herb Brining, Milton Scott, Glen Watkins, Bennie Caulk, Julius Feinstein and many othersBoxing News Clipping #1878 - Ned Price
Boxing News Clipping #2075 - Jack Dempsey full page pin-upBoxing News Clipping #1310 - Scenes From Long Pond Inn Training Camp in New YorkBoxing News Clipping #187 - Lee Savold vs. Jack Marshall
Boxing News Clipping #729 - Benny Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Joseph AlbericoBoxing News Clipping #607 - Fernando Gagnon, Johnny Greco, Jackie Turner, Romeo Ouimet, Kid BroadBoxing News Clipping #772 - Francis E. Pettit, Tommy Burns
Boxing News Clipping #2518 - Joe Kahut, Jack CapriBoxing News Clipping #1160 - Frankie Carbo, Jake LaMotta vs. Billy FoxBoxing News Clipping #1577 - Frankie Carbo, Don Jordan, Virgil Akins, Archie Moore
Boxing News Clipping #815 - WWII Military Boxers, Ray Klingmeyer, Louis King, Bruce Davenport, Edward Davey, Charles Riggs, Al Alfreds, Harry Day, Jackie Curran and othersBoxing News Clipping #83 - Bobby Volk, Charlie Hodges, Ginger Foran, The Sinott Brothers, Irwin Weinberg, Mark Conn, Tony SignorettiBoxing News Clipping #2390 - WWII Military Boxing & Wrestling, Whitey Woosley, John Shaughnessey, Sam Berzansky, Edward Winjensen, Ernie Thomas, Chief Gonzales, Stanley Skieski, Elmer Davis, Ernie Aultman, Frank Robinson, Robert Grimmitt, Marvin Roberts and others
Boxing News Clipping #2637 - Johnny Behr, Charlie Conway, Paul Berlenbach

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