Boxing News Clipping #817 - WWII Military Boxing Teams

Boxing News Clipping #817 - WWII Military Boxing Teams
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Boxing News Clipping #817 - WWII Military Boxing Teams
Boxers, Fight Figures and Others pictured - WWII Military Boxing Teams and Fighters including:

Walt Jason

Kessler Field Champions with: Robert Sherrod, Tim Solano, Bill Giovine, James Cecil, Robert Nyberg

Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit Team with: M.J. Farino, A.G. Brahant, J. Kennedy, C.E. Pyle, B. Clarkson, F. Hemphill

Stellar Naval Station Boxing team with: Casey Costello (aka Cozy Storace), Elton Evans, Tommy Tierno, Franklin Jones, Dave Mosner, Paul Ryan, Tony D'Amante, Ralph Palmeri, Francis Oberer

Mindanao Base team with: Champ Thomas, Baby Aragones, Enrie Tafoya, Fred Arellano, Star Garcia, Little Tom, Jack Hammer

Jackie Taylor vs. Walter Sutton

Year of Clipping - 1945

Vintage Original Boxing News or Publication clipping

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Size - About 8 1/4" x 11 1/2" inches. May be somewhat smaller or larger based on trimming and cropping of the pictured clipping.

Condition as shown.

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