Ali and Me: Through The Ropes by Richard Kaletsky - Boxing Book

Ali and Me: Through The Ropes by Richard Kaletsky - Boxing Book
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Now in an updated 4th Printing, newly released in October 2014 by the author, in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Ali vs. Foreman.

Richard “Rick” Kaletsky

Paperback Signed by the Author

30+ years after its original publication, the acclaimed “Ali and Me” is back in print. It is much different than other Ali books. Although Kaletsky is a writer, his special “angle” on the topic was to purposely present it in an informal, non-scholarly style, flavored with boxing cliches. The refreshing perspective is from a fan, rather than from a sports writer. That special point of view fuels the wealth of rich emotion packed into this “coffee table” book, wrapped in a high gloss soft cover. “Ali and Me” includes twenty 8 ½” X 10” photos, most of which are rare.

-“The greatest book about me in the world.”
Muhammad Ali (1983)

-“This book provides an arresting look into the mind of a superfan.”
Ferdie Pacheco, “The Fight Doctor” (1982)

-“Ali and Me… takes you on a journey that every Ali fan can appreciate.” (December 2004)

-“(A) surprisingly authoritative and insightful account.”
Boxing Digest (February 2005)

“Ali and Me” is punctuated with humor, vivid descriptions of ring action, and time landmarks (news events, national mood and political climate, fads, etc.). Fighters and the fight game are examined in depth. In addition to the above sources, the book has been highly praised by Willie Pep, Ray Arcel, Archie Moore, Eddie Futch, Angelo Dundee, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jim Jacobs, Bill Gallo, Randy Gordon, Mel Allen, Don Dunphy, Bob Goodman (for Don King), Nat Loubet (The Ring Magazine), John F. X. Condon, Art Rust Jr., Cus D’Amato, and Sam Solomon.

In 1963, 15 year-old Kaletsky phoned “Cassius Clay” and enjoyed a nice chat with him. Nearly twenty years later, “Muhammad Ali” called Kaletsky (now as author) at 1:30 am, to thank him for the book. Between those calls, Kaletsky saw Ali fight “live, in person” eight times (including the first two bouts with Joe Frazier). He has met “the Champ” on several occasions, highlighted by a visit to Ali’s dressing room immediately following the rematch victory over Leon Spinks, in New Orleans. Kaletsky has also met many members of Ali’s “corner,” entourage, and family, as well as numerous well-known fighters, trainers, referees, promoters, writers, and announcers. He is the curator of a small Muhammad Ali museum, which has been featured (with “Ali and Me”) on CNN-Headline News.


The book will be autographed by the author.

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