"A Dream, A Buck, An Era" - Boxing Book by Robert W. Jepperson

"A Dream, A Buck, An Era" - Boxing Book by Robert W. Jepperson
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A Dream, A Buck, An Era

By Robert W. Jepperson

Here is book that features an era when much of America faced its toughest economic times, when a largely immigrant population faced harsh challenges yet found ways to win. At a time when boxing permeated the culture of every corner of the country, many men tried the sport as a way to make a buck, and for a few, prizefighting fueled dreams of glory and wealth. In spite of efforts by social reformers to outlaw the sport, boxing maintained an important place in the social fabric of America during the Great Depression. Woven into the text of A Dream, A Buck, an Era are fifty vintage photographs that have remained hidden in family scrapbooks for the past seventy-five years.


Robert Jepperson has captured the flavor of this era, mostly the 1920s and 1930s, in his fascinating new book. Jepperson is a skilled writer, describing the hardscrabble world of boxers in prose well suited for the subject matter.

John Larson – Senior Editor, The Tacoma Weekly


When I started reading A Dream, A Buck and An Era, little did I know where it would take me. Every page is compelling reading - I read the book in less than two days. For me, as a fifty - plus year boxing historian, with a decided interest in Pacific Northwest boxers, the author connected a lot of dots that have remained mysteries to me.

The coverage primarily focuses on the heavyweight division during the early 1930's, but there is ample reference to other divisions during an era which we will never again see. Robert Jepperson’s coverage of Tacoma as a fight town, for example, is fascinating to say the least. It answered a myriad of questions that I had about that fight venue and why it had a hold on so many fighters emanating from the Northwest corridor of the United States. The photographs laced into this book are a treasure trove to boxing historians. The author brings to life the likes of Fred Lenhart, Pete Cerkan, Frank Van Hee, Lonnie Austin, and Dave Miller ... unknowns to today's fight fans and historians, but household names during the era covered. Jepperson bestowed upon them a dignity and class worthy of the measure of the times, and he is to be commended for his scholarship. I am ordering extra copies to distribute to friends and family, for this book is certainly a publishing gem.

John A. Bardelli


Bob Jepperson's new book A Dream, A Buck An Era provides an interesting glimpse of life in the Pacific Northwest in the early twentieth century, and in particular the origin of the region's early boxing history. I found it an entertaining and informative read.

Clay Moyle, Prizefightingbooks.com


I started the book wondering if it would interest me, but once I got reading I couldn’t put it down and have read it twice so far. Jepperson writes like a pro, but he speaks to me without trying to impress me.

Bill (Born 97 years ago, Bill asked that his last name be withheld because he still feels guilty about taking money for fighting underground in New Jersey during the very same era of this book’s focus.)

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